Dictionary Art Page – Fungus

I had thought I’d posted this page on my blog, but I found it sitting in my drafts, so I must never have pushed the publish button. Originally written at the end of August 2015.

A rainy lazy day at home means not being able to get out and enjoy the garden, so I decided to bring the garden inside. Inside my dictionary art journal that is.

After flicking through the pages looking for a good botanical themed word my eyes stopped at the word “Fungus”. That was all the inspiration I needed.

Out came my Neocolor II crayons, my Inktense pencils, a water brush, white Posca poster paint pen and a Fude ball pen and I began to lose myself amongst the imaginary mushrooms and toadstools at the bottom of my garden.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your lazy days aren’t as wet and miserable as mine!

Have a creative day!



4 thoughts on “Dictionary Art Page – Fungus

    • Mike says:

      Hi Peggy, I don’t always film everything, sometimes I do a page on the spur of the moment when my creative muse is really bugging me. I don’t always have my video camera set up to hand. Sorry.


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