Art Tag – Imagine

IMG_3775I became a little but bored this evening, there’s nothing I wanted to watch on the TV and I was itching to have another play with the Steampunk Sourcebook & CD I bought recently. So a quick and easy art tag was the answer. This time Instead of just sticking down the cogs, I thought I’d make them move too. So here we have a kinetic art tag!

I also wanted to add a little colour to the image and make the tag look like a vintage hand tinted photograph.


As usual I have filmed the whole process and after some fantastic feedback from my YouTube viewers I’ve also narrated this video too. Hope you enjoy it!

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Have a creative day!



Journal 52 – Collage Crazy

IMG_3717Week 16’s prompt over at Journal 52 is Collage Crazy. I’ve taken that literally! For this page I’ve used a set of collage prints from a new resource book I’ve bought that includes a CD-ROM of hi-res images. I’ve printed each image out using a laser printer then cut each one out by hand…no scanning and cutting for me!

IMG_3718I’ve a had a lot of fun playing with these images on other projects too, but thought I’d could create a fun page for this weeks prompt! So here’s my process video, as always I hope you enjoy it!

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Have a creative day!


Finnabair Workshop


Well, what can I say. The Finnabair workshop on Saturday (25th April) at the HQ of IndigoBlu was such a hoot. I had a great time. It’s not often I get to participate in any workshop. I’m usually teaching them, so when I got the chance to take part I jumped at the chance. You don’t get an opportunity like this very often and I would have been stupid to turn it down. Anna normally books her workshops two years in advance so grab it if you can!

Anna was so open to questions and was very approachable, she really came across as being such a lovely person and everyone who attended had a blast.


I created a great canvas and I’m very proud of it, even if I do say so myself! I couldn’t take many pictures as there was far too many people there and I didn’t want to get in the way, and I don’t feel it’s polite to take photos without asking people’s permission. Lots of products used from Prima Marketing, far too many to list, but quite a lot of embellishments from my own stash used too. You should have seen the size of the bag I took with my craft equipment, just in case!

IMG_3763A huge thank you to the lovely Kay & Alfie at IndigoBlu for inviting me to come and play! You’re the best!

Hope – Courage & Inspirational Card


IMG_3728 IMG_3729Sometimes we need to make a card for someone who needs a little hope, or at least to let them know that they’re not alone in whatever personal struggle or dark time they are experiencing. This is a card for one of those times…

A simple (A2-US, A6-UK) sized card with very little embellishment, but with a 2″ Stampbord art tile as a central focal point and a one word sentiment.

Here’s my process video, hope you enjoy!

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Have a creative day!


Adventures in Gelli printing…FAILED¬!

I’ve always loved the idea of Gelli mono printing, I love the look of the prints and love the idea of spreading your paint on the plate with a brayer and never quite knowing what you’re going to get at the end. I don’t like the idea of spending £60 (approx $90) on a decent sized Gelli plate. The one that I would want would be the 12″ x 14″ as I like to do my art journal pages about 8.5″ by 12″.

So, I was happy to find on the Interweb and YouTube a couple of videos showing you how you can make your own gelatine plate which is almost but not quite the same! I was very excited, however my excitement was very short lived as the first video, although entertaining, was by a lovely lady called Lindsey who goes by the name of The Frugal Crafter, spent quite a bit of time showing us exactly nothing in a very excited manner. Of course she used ingredients which I can’t get easily in the UK, such as Isopropyl Alcohol. We can’t just buy it off the shelf here in the UK. We have a substance called Surgical Spirit, which is almost the same but not quite. If you use Surgical Spirit, your plate will go white as the ethanol will emusify in water…and it’ll give you an almighty headache.

So, I thought I’d try the gelatine and glycerine receipe that Lindsey suggests….however in her excitement, she gives you the amounts, half a cup of this and a cup of that and 4 packets of gelatine….but fails to tell us what SIZE the ingredients make up! i.e how big the plate would be. I then found two other use(full/less) videos who pretty much do the same thing…this time adding sugar and the like. But none of them tell you what size plate the amounts are supposed to make up.

So, I gave up….watching and decide to try my own receipe using ingredients which can be bought easily in the UK.

I went out and bought 9 packets of gelatine and dissolved these in two pints of water. The 9 packets would normally set 9 pints of water according to the back of each packet. So I thought, 9 into 2…easy!

No…9 does set in a short space of time, mine set in less than two hours, and I didn’t even put it in the fridge. However, the gelatine slab that I created in an 8.5″ x 12″ tub, was not very stable and ripped and fell to pieces almost as soon as I’d extracted it from the mould. I tried twice!

Then the logic circuit in my brain clicked into place. WHY was I trying to create a non permanent gelatinous slab for print making when I already have three 18″ x 24″ smooth surfaced plates in my kitchen? I’ve had them for ages. They’re called worktop savers and are made of tempered glass. I use them to protect my granite worktops when I’m chopping and rolling and putting down hot pans straight from the hob…


So out came the acrylic paints and brayer and with a little water spritzer bottle…lo and behold…..

IMG_3693 IMG_3692 IMG_3691 IMG_3690 IMG_3689 IMG_3688

Six fabby 8.5″ x 12″ looking prints in less than 10 mins…and I haven’t even reached for my stencils yet!

Who’d have thought it. A worktop saver that cost less than £5($8), pretty much does the same job! So watch this space art journal peeps and I’ll share some more prints when I have more chance to experiment and play in my kitchen! If you’d like a closer look at the prints, just click on the image and a bigger version will “pop up”.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend.