Circle Art Journal Page – Live Adventure


Occasionally, we set off to create a specific art journal page that we have a fixed idea in our minds what it looks like, or what we hope it will look like when completed. Along the way, something happens and the art takes a different path and we wind up with a different page to the one we originally planned on creating. It’s as though the art takes over. As though the art has a life of its own. This is OK, this is welcomed, sometimes the one you end up with looks way better than the one you had in your head!

To watch the creation process of this page in my circle art journal from start to finish, simply click the YT link below.


I love it when a page turns out different to the one I originally planned on creating. I love the process of art dictating what it wants to be. I’m not such a control freak as to stop the process, but let what happens happen.




6 thoughts on “Circle Art Journal Page – Live Adventure

  1. Erin Sim says:

    I’m just discovering you and really appreciate your teaching style and humor. Back in the beginning, did you say how you cut your journal page circles, and what weight stock you find best? Do you gather your pages by style, theme or simply as you go?

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    • Mike says:

      Hi Erin, I did a whole video on how I created the journal which is my circle journal playlist on my YouTube channel, as for the pages, they’re in the order I create them.


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