Art Tag – August

IMG_2208This is my August offering for the Tim Holtz, 12 Tags of 2015 challenge. I’m not sure whether I’m going to continue with these monthly challenges as I haven’t really enjoyed or been inspired by Tim’s last two tags. I’ll wait and see what he does in September, maybe my tag muse will come back! As always you can find my process video below.

Have a Creative Day!



Art Tag – July


A new month means a new Art Tag project, and as normal we’re tagging along with Tim Holtz’s 12 Tags of 2015. This month being July, Tim is celebrating Independence Day on the 4th.


However being a Brit it would be inappropriate for me to follow suit, so instead I’m celebrating Britishness! Using Tim’s layout and colour scheme (it’s the same as ours). So here again is my process video, which is only a short one this time.

Have a creative day,


Art Tag – June


It’s that time of the month again when we join in with Tim Holtz on his 12 Tags of 2015. June’s tag is all about finding different ways to create the same effect. To see Tim’s tag tutorial click here

I’ve created my version using similar effects, but as always in a different style.


IMG_4149 IMG_4150 IMG_4151 IMG_4152

Once again I’ve filmed my process, which you can watch below. Don’t forget if you like the video please give it a thumbs up, like and if you’d like to be kept informed of future uploads and projects, why not subscribe to my blog and/or my YouTube channel!

Happy Crafting!


Mixed Media Art Tag – Angels

IMG_4033It’s art tag time again and for this creation I’ve gone all industrial and angelic. Lots of fun to create and quite messy too, what more can you want!

I’ve created metallic paint spritzers from acrylic pearlescent paints and used double walled corrugated cardboard for my base. The embellishments are from my junk tub and include laser cuts, Tim Holtz Idea-ology bits and found items of ironmongery. The cherubs and floral heart are resin embellishments from Prima Marketing.

Once more I’ve filmed my process, hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

IMG_4027 IMG_4028 IMG_4029 IMG_4030 IMG_4031 IMG_4032

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Have a creative day!



Art Tag – May


The start of May came and went and I didn’t even realise! It’s already May 4th (Star Wars Day) as I write this and I seem to have walked into a new month in a daze. I guess it’s called being ultra busy!

So as it’s a new month we have a new Art Tag from Time Holtz. This month he’s feeling all nostalgic! he says on his tag blog post:

“there are certain things that capture a sense of nostalgia, and for me this month’s tag is certainly one of them.”

For me, the past isn’t always a pleasant country to visit. I for one don’t look back with fond memories as some do, for me the past is behind me and I look forward to today and tomorrow. Things are better now than they ever have been.


I know my choice of picture for my tag will not suit everyone, some will not understand my reason for using the image that I have. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I create for me, but share in the hope that someone else will appreciate what I’ve created and take some inspiration from it. I don’t imagine for one minute I’m going to please everyone, everytime.

The photobooth images we’re taken in 1953, in Edmonton, Canada. It was taken at a time when the young couple in the photo could have been arrested and imprisoned just for a sharing a simple token of their affection. As I said earlier, the past wasn’t always a golden age!

Since the invention of the first coin operated photo-booth in 1883, just imagine how many kisses have been stolen behind that curtain!

IMG_3811 IMG_3812 IMG_3813 IMG_3814 IMG_3815

So once again, I’m sharing my creative process on video. My hope is that you find something in it of use.

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Have a creative day!