7 Days of Halloween – Creativity Canvas – Day 5


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7″ Steampunk Shadowbox Frame – Strength


This 7″ Steampunk shadowbox is a commission from a customer called Lauren who watched a few of my other shadowbox videos on YouTube and asked me to create one just for her. She gave me a few directions on colour scheme and the inspirational word she wanted and left the rest up to me. I know she’s a big steampunk fan and I know she likes her gothic imagery too, so I knew I was safe. This is well within my comfort zone!

To watch the full start to finish process video, simply click the YouTube link below. If you enjoy it, please remember to give it a “thumbs up”, you can also share the video with your friends and if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel already, you can do so at the end of the video to make sure you’re notified each time I upload a new video.



[SOLD] Mixed Media Canvas – What is Art?


We get inspired by strange things and an off the cuff throw away remark by an artist being interviewed on TV was the spark of creativity I needed to create this canvas. The artist was asked “What is Art?” and he replied “Art is as varied as the faces of the people who create it” which gave me my idea!

The full creation process is available to watch by clicking the YouTube image below.


This canvas is currently for sale on my website if anyone is interested. Link [Here!] It is a one of a kind, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!


Steampunk Mixed Media Canvas – Industrial

IMG_4707I’ve recently got my hands on some new metallic paint colours from Indigoblu.com. I couldn’t wait to get them home to test them out.

The new colours are just glorious! There’s a Kingfisher Blue, Pheasant Bronze and a Raven Black. All these colours just scream STEAMPUNK! and who am I to disappoint! To watch how I created the canvas from start to finish simply click the YouTube link below!

If you’d like more info about the new paints from IndigoBlu here’s the website link: HERE!