Lost – Copic Practice

I wanted to dust off my Copics tonight as they’ve been neglected of late and what better stamp set to use them with but our new favourite birdies!

I’ve used my Strathmore journal, but the paper isn’t really Copic friendly, but It was good enough. Some of my pens have started to dry out due to lack of use… So may need to buy more ink…more shopping! *sigh*.

Tonight’s page is just a bit of fun and so I didn’t really take much time with my quote. I just thought the pun was appropriate.


Mixed Media Tag – Art


Another practice tag, this time I dusted off my IndigoBlu flitter glue and gilding flakes. I haven’t used them much since buying them last year so thought it would be a good thing to have a play and practice the “art” of using them.

My base tag is a Ranger No8 manilla tag, given two coats of Black Soot Distress Paint, heat set for speed (I’m impatient). Then using Splattered Heart and Limor Circles stamp sets from IndigoBlu designed by Limor Webber, stamped using the flitter glue. I then left to settle for 10 mins while I made fresh coffee.


Once the coffee was ready, I covered the circle stamped areas with Winter Dawn gilding flakes, then covered the splattered heart area with Yorkshire Dales gilding flakes and burnished them with my finger. Once I was happy that I’d covered all the areas, gave them a rub over with the sponge skoochie. The skoochie is a rough sponge square (approx 2″ x2″) which removes all excess flake from your image, in essence cleaning it away leaving the flake stuck to the stamped image only.

IMG_3441 IMG_3443

I then covered 3 chipboard letters spelling out “ART” with the flitter glue and added Winter Dawn flake over those and repeated the skoochie technique once dry. I then added a silver filigree corner, some alcohol inks across the top to drip down and heat set. Finally I added some linen ribbon to the top of my tag.

Considering I’ve never used the gilding flakes before, but have co presented with Jenny Marples of the IndigoBlu Demo Team whilst filming 3 hours of tutorial for the http://www.britishcraftnetwork.tv website, I’m surprised I picked up as much as I did through osmosis!

If you’re interested in watching one of the shows, see below.



Another quiet weekend at home relaxing in the craftroom gave me the opportunity to have a play with my Neocolor II set. I’ve wanted to try water colouring a portrait but I’m still quite timid about trying something new. I still get a little panicy in my stomach when I start something which is so out of my comfort zone and I’ve never attempted before. It’s like a feeling of helplessness.

Anyway, so I opened my Post-It prompt box and picked one out at random. Out came the word “Mosiac” couldn’t have been better!


My first thoughts were of how we all only show small bits of our true selves to people, either at work or with some friends, we only really share the full picture with those who choose to spend their lives with us, if we’re lucky. Also, in this digital age, we’re all just small mosaics, a pixel in size whizzing through the cybersphere in one way or another, chopped into tiny mosaics and reassembled on a computer at the other end of the world.

So…here’s how I did it!


water colour paper held down with masking tape, with a sheet of graphite paper over the top.


A magazine cut out laid over both. Pencil trace over the top lightly as the graphite paper is quite thin. results in a decent image to watercolour with. Ideal if you can’t draw for toffee like me!


Then out came the Neocolour IIs.


IMG_3430The end result, not to shabby for my first attempt at a human face!

Ok then we mosiac, the picture was then cut up into small pieces 2cm(ish) or so wide and reassembled with glue on the page leaving a small gap between.


I then used an old square font stamp set for my quote, I’ve no idea where this stamp set came from, but I can remember it was in a bargain bin somewhere like Michael’s for less than a $1. Probably picked up whilst on vacation in San Diego or Las Vegas. I used black archival ink to stamp.


The finishing touch was just to add a little blue water colour to the left hand page. I’m not afraid of white space, but I think it needed it for balance.

Journal52 – Aromatherapy

IMG_3420Over at Journal52 this week we have week 8’s prompt which is “Aromatherapy”. When I first read this one I thought to my self “How on earth can you depict a smell…or the idea of one?”.

Then I watched Chelle’s YouTube video and that set my mind racing. I immediately thought of at least three ways to do it, but went with the one closest to my heart! “Coffee”!

So to start with…


I adhered some preprinted Tim Holtz tissue paper across two pages of my A4 Dylusions journal. I then had a rummage in my ephemera tub for some appropriate bits and bobs.

I couldn’t find anything coffee related so I had a search on Google for some public domain vintage coffee labels. then printed these out using Photoshop and cut them out. These were then stuck onto my pages with matt Modge Podge.


Once heat set and dry, I covered the pages with gesso and wiped away some areas with a baby wipe so that some of the label still showed through. I then heat set the gesso with my heat gun.


Next, out came my Vintage Photo Distress Paint which I applied to the page with a baby wipe, trying to avoid covering up the areas I’d cleaned the gesso from.


Next out came my burlap stencil from TH, and I applied Walnut Stain Distress Ink through it here and there around my page, this gives the impression of the bags that coffee beans are packed in. Neat huh?

The next step was to outline all the label edges with a black Stabilo All pencil, and went over with my water brush.


I then took my white Sharpie poster pen and added some wisps of white vapour coming from the cup with the kitten and added one or two highlights around the page. The final step for my page was to stamp my quote using black archival ink onto paper and cut out, adhering them with a collage glue stick. I finished off by adding some black line doodling and dark shading around the quote pieces.


ps. no kittens were harmed during the production of this page!


Energy1Another post-it note prompt from my box, this time I pulled out the word “Energise”.

Lots of thoughts went through my mind, but as I’m currently in the process of cutting out all crap from my diet and exercising more, this idea for my page seemed to fit. Talking of fit! In case you’re wondering, his name is David Gandy, a British male supermodel.

Not me! (as if!) Onto the page…

I started by adding white gesso to a double page spread in my A4 Dylusions journal and when dry added a variety of citrus and warm Distress and Adirondack paints in vertical and horizontal directions only.

IMG_3383 IMG_3384 IMG_3385 IMG_3386

Next, using a Dylusions stencil added white paint through it using a sponge dauber. It didn’t work out quite as planned, but let’s just go with the flow…


Next, I mixed some Adirondack copper paint with some home made texture paste and applied this through a TCW arrow stencil onto my page “here and there” ( love that phrase!).



 The copper didn’t come through as I’d hoped, instead it turned the texture paste a lovely flesh colour…kinda apt!

I then added some gold texture paste through another stencil in a star burst pattern, I can’t remember what the stencil is called (my memory is awful!).


I then took an old book page, punched out some arrow shapes and glued them down onto my pages. I also added the magazine cut out of David in his undies. I then outlined all with a black pen and added white doodle dots in a “Teesha Moore” stylie with a Sharpie poster pen.



Ok, we’re on the home stretch now, I then stamped my quote “Energise Body and Soul” (UK spelling of Energise, sorry!) with archival ink onto a scrap of watercolour card and cut out.

I then glued with matt Modge on to my page. I then outlined with my black pen and added a little colour with “irridescent gold” Silks.



I then painted the book page arrows with “Ginger Peach” Silks to continue with the warm colour tone.

To finish, I added some doodle dots around the arrows and quote and stamped a stitched effect border around the page using one of the new “Limor Webber” Grunge border stamps from IndigoBlu with archival ink.

Done! Cor Blimey, that seemed to take forever..actually just over an hour with drying time.

Hope you enjoyed the process and I’m happy to report, I’m all set up and ready to go with my video camera, so hopefully I’ll be able to film my next page.

I just have to decide whether to do a voice over or just start to finish with music. What do you think I should do?

Leave a comment and let me know. Bye for now!