June Vlog & Catch Up


11 thoughts on “June Vlog & Catch Up

  1. Melusine says:

    Haven’t watched all the blog yet, but I wanted to say how beautiful are the green backed cards … so fresh and summery. They also make me want to try and track down one of those fine liner pens that you mentioned so that I could create those curlicues myself. Long may you continue to inspire others.

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  2. Cal says:

    Mike, it’s been about a year since I stumbled across your YouTube channel and website. In that time, I’ve been inspired and amused by both your artistic style and talent and your personality and fun videos! I look forward to your latest releases and often watch them more than once. Loved the intro to this video – getting a cheeky glimpse into your life and home! (Fellow Doctor Who fan, I see!) Things I love about your videos – 1) They’re concise – 15-20 minutes is the perfect length of time. And perfectly edited! 2) They’re full of great content and techniques, introducing us to new brands and products. 3) Your narration makes me feel like I’m hanging out with a friend and amazing teacher! 4) Bentley! It’s awesome when that handsome fella makes an appearance. // I appreciate all the time and effort that goes into the videos you produce! And I have your steampunk shadow box that I bought on my desk at work…reminding me that I work to buy art supplies! πŸ™‚ THANK YOU, MIKE!

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  3. Jaci says:

    Mike, I want to share with you my feelings on your Etsy store… I don’t feel that you are being greedy at all when you talk about what you have to pay Etsy etc… One of the things that I like about buying something you have made over going to the store and buying something is that you get the money. In some small way I feel like I get to give you a little thank you back for your time and the wonderful videos you give me. So if you leave Etsy that will be fine with me… just as long as I can still purchase your fun and wonderful digital downloads.
    Thanks again Mike. I love your videos and the fact that you take the time to explain and teach.

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    • Mike says:

      Thank you Jaci, I really do appreciate your feedback. all of my digital downloads are now on my website, with a few that aren’t on Etsy so I have started the exodus!! Thank you again for all your support. XO


  4. Beverly Sager says:

    Oh, Mike! I appreciate so much your willingness to share from your heart. I so look forward to your videos/vlogs. As much as I enjoy your art and tutorials, you and your personality just make my heart happy. Keep on making art and being your wonderful self :D.

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  5. maggiemoo2015 says:

    Hi Mike
    I think this vlog is heartfelt and very real. I didn’t realise the monetary pressure of youtube etsy and paypal.. You make each video your own and I love seeing your face each time. I haven’t commented recently because of time constraints due to caring for my disabled hubbie but will make more of an effort in the future and look into the Angels side of your world.
    I was once an angel as a nurse for 30 years and death was a very big part of my life. Your fairy in a box made me smile as I thought I was the only one who thinks death is just as beautiful as life.
    Be safe and be loved…….Mandy

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