Blog Updates

If you’re visiting my blog between the Holidays and New Year you’ll notice a few changes happening. I’m taking a little down time to try and give my blog a much needed redesign and spruce up.

If things move about while you’re visiting then I apologise!

Mike XO


Art Journal Collage Page – Be Weird!


We’ve had a lot of rain over the past few days and so I thought a little bright colour therapy was in order! I’ve taken my palette from the colours of the digital collage sheet I’ve used and I’m very pleased with the overall finished page! I love the collage image and love the emerald ring around her waist! She’s a classy broad!

For this page I used the large collage set, but for the alternative black page in my 8×8 black journal below I used the smaller set! This was just a test to se how the colours would work on a black page. I didn’t film this page as I knew I was going to film the larger page.




Both small set and large sets are available now to purchase from my Etsy store, simply click the link in the right hand sidebar to view these and many more. If you’d like to watch the process for the larger page up above, then you can do so by clicking the video below.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday break and are ready to enjoy the new year festivities!


Mixed Media Canvas – Paris


This is the mixed media canvas that I created for Linda Bell. Linda was the winner of my 4000 YouTube subscriber giveaway. As part of the giveaway I asked Linda what she would like on her canvas. She told me that Paris has always held a special place for her so we decided to go with a French shabby chic theme. My process video shows the creation of the canvas from start to finish.


Art Journal Page – Mission Inspiration – Imagination


Time for another Top Secret Mission Inspiration project. This time my instructions have been sent by the formidable Shannon Green. Shannon has sent a great list of inspiring instructions to create an art journal project. I loved doing this page. It allowed me to pay with colours I don’t normally go for which is always fun to step outside your comfort zone and let your imagination out for a little while!

If you’d like to play along, then I have included the set of instructions that Shannon sent me below.


My process video with Shannon’s introduction is below. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Art Journal Page – Swap Hop with Amy & Hanny


This project is a 3 way swap hop with my two friends Amy Rhodes & Hanny Tromp, Amy is based in the UK, like me, and Hanny is based in Holland.

We partnered up and sent each other a package with ephemera. The only rule is that we HAVE to use at least 5 different pieces in our project. We had no idea what items would be sent, so it was a fun surprise to see what we would have to work with! I sent mine to Amy, Amy sent hers to Hanny and Hanny sent hers to me!

Hanny posted quite a large selection of goodies and ephemera, so it was very difficult picking which to use, but I showed remarkable restraint in my choices and set to work picking out 5 items that coordinated in colour.

My process video for this page is below and I hope you enjoy seeing the page come together.