7 Days of Halloween – Skeletons Art Journal Page – Day 2


As I’m transitioning between this and my blog on my website,  to view the post and video for Day 2 click above!



Art Journal Page – Follow your own Compass


After trawling through my collage bits and pieces I came across this image of an octopus that I’d never used, so feeling in a whimsical mood I decide to create a page that integrated the image. Of course as the octopus is a nautical image I had to integrate a nautical theme into the rest of my page by using maps in the background and a compass stencil.

You can watch the whole process from start to finish by clicking the YouTube link below.


It was a fun page to create and I hope you enjoyed the process.


Art Journal Page – Never Grow Old


I created this page when I was in the mood for some muted colour tones. I wasn’t in the mind set for lots of bright vibrant colour and detail, so I thought I’d stick to just browns and whites. I’ve wanted to use an image of Michelangelo’s David for quite some time and this page seemed to the the best use for the image.

You can watch the entire page creation from start to finish by clicking the YouTube link below.



Art Journal Page – Be Splendid


Looking through my collection of vintage digital images and cabinet cards I came across one that I hadn’t yet used in an art journal project. With a little Adobe Photoshop filter work I managed to alter the image to the one you see above…only without the colour! The art journal page is in my 5×8 Dylusions small art journal which is nearly full!

To watch the creation of the art journal page from start to finish simply click the YouTube image below!




Art Journal Page – Be Brave


Having a nice safe comfort zone is lovely, but it’s safe and in that safe place nothing unusual or out of the ordinary ever happens. Comfort is good, but can get a little staid. Being brave enough to step outside can open up a world of new creativity and you can let your imagination run riot.

If it doesn’t work out…what’s the worst that could happen?

In this page I’m using my set of neon and fluorescent paints, which isn’t something I normally use as they are very very bright and really “in yer face”.

To view the process of creation from start to finish, simply click the YouTube link below.brave2


As the bearded bloke says..it’s OK to make mistakes, it’s OK to take chances and it’s OK to be brave!