Journal 52 – Silhouettes

It’s catch up time with Journal 52. This time I’m tackling Week 4 which is “Silhouettes”.

I found this picture on Pintrest showing the fantastic sky and knew I wanted to try and create my version of it, but was sat scratching my head and behind thinking what I could do with the sky, that was also a silhouette, that wasn’t a straight copy of the image I’d found.


It suddenly dawned on me that I had a box full of stamps from British designer Lavinia (real name Tracy!). Click here to visit her website.

Tracy is an acquaintance of mine and I often forget what beautiful and whimsical designs her stamps are. I’m sure you’re going to see some more of her stamps making an appearance in future pages!

Any way, so here’s the video, hope you enjoy the start to finish!

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Have a creative day!




#1/100 Artworks – Naked

IMG_3572Here’s the first of my #100 Artwork attempts. For my first painting, I’ve deliberately kept things simple. I’ve stayed away from hair, hence the naked title! I’ve followed the rules and math of face creation, dividing my face shape up into the correct proportions, then changed and altered them slightly to give my face a more whimsical appearance, but only in subtle ways. I’ve increased the size of his eyes, I’ve also given him pointy pixie, elvish style ears.

I’ve tried to follow conventional rules for shading, keeping my light source to the right of his face. I’ve started easy, for me at least, and not tried to be too over reaching in my ability to create a fully whimsical portrait.

I’ve also limited myself to acrylic paints, mostly Distress Paints, except for the white. As promised I did film the process, but kept it short and speeded up the final version by a factor of 4. keeping it under 11 minutes.

I did learn one important lesson doing this painting…and that’s I need better brushes. A shopping trip is in order!

If you want to know more about the #100 Artwork Challenge, you can find all the details about the challenge HERE.

Here’s my video for No1/100.

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Have a creative day!

No Spring Chicken – Easter Watercolor Card


It’s almost Easter, and to get into the spirit of the season I thought I’d create an Easter card with a twist! The stamp set is called “No Spring Chicken” from Woodware and could be used for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or at a push Valentine’s too!IMG_3268

I’ve used Distress Inks to watercolour my image and background and I also used masking fluid or friskit, as it’s known, to mask out my main image while I watercoloured the background.

The card is a DL size card, which is 99mm x 210mm, or approx 4″ x 8″.

The video process tutorial goes through every stage (mistakes and everything!) and is a little long at 34 mins approx, but I know you guys haven’t got short attention spans, grab yourself’s a beverage, some snacks and get comfortable!

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Have a creative day!

Journal 52 – Conversation Starters


This page is out of sequence and is actually for Week 3. So why am I just posting this now? Well the answer is simple. I didn’t find Journal 52 until week 6, so I missed the first 5 weeks (actually the first 2 years!). As Journal 52 is never closed to new entries I thought I’d catch up and complete the challenge for the missing four weeks when I had the time.

So here is week 3!

Week 3 is entitled “Conversation Starters” and what better way to get a conversation started than to use article headlines from glossy magazines!

I have a stash that I’ve cut up and saved, some because I liked the phrase, others because I like the font or colours….but for week 3 they’re just perfect! Hope you enjoy!

Weeks 1, 2 and 4&5 will come later…

Click here for the link to week 3 if you haven’t seen it or any if the entries. Click here if you’ve never seen Journal 52 and wonder what the heck I’m talking about!

If you enjoy art journalling or just curious then I urge you to pop over and get involved.

Now that the catch up bit is over with, here’s my complete start to finish video. Hope you enjoy the process!

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Have a creative day!


#100 Artworks Challenge – Accepted!

The Internet is a constant source of amazement for me, it connects people in ways that you just can’t imagine. I have conversations with people who live thousands of miles away, who I normally would never have even known the existence of.

I also get to find out about fabulous challenges and ways in which I can grow as a person and as an artist. One of these was brought to my attention by a lovely lady called Catherine Coté (CeeCee for short) who lives in Canada who has a YouTube channel and blog that I subscribe to. Click here to check her out if you haven’t already.

The challenge is to create 100 works of art no larger than 8″x 8″ All with the same theme and using the same mediums. The challenge may take a year, but it will show growth as an artist as you progress through each piece of art. It’s a great way to learn and master a particular technique or medium.

Check out the #100 Artworks blog post (Here) and have a go yourself! Who knows what you can achieve!

I’m going to try and master my painting skills through this challenge and attempt 100 whimsical faces or portraits. I’m aiming for a size of 5″ x 7″ or 6″ x 6″ not sure which yet. I’ll share each one with you and I will hopefully also capture the process on video too.

So, the game’s afoot! Of I go and dust off my watercolours…watch this space!