Gansai Tambi Watercolours

I’ve been humming and aahing over the past few months as to whether I actually NEED these beautiful Gansai Tambi Japanese water colours…but NEED has lost out to WANT! I’ve heard such good things about the quality and creaminess of the pigments that I just had to order the 36 colour set as shown in the pictures below and can’t wait for them to arrive!

I’ll do a review of them when they land on my mat!



Circle Art Journal Page – The Raven Queen


Now that my cover has been decorated it’s time to play inside the new circle art journal. For my first page in my new journal I’m using a brand new digital art journal collage sheet, but this time instead of using the full composite image I’ve decided to use the individual elements and move them around a little. I had huge amounts of fun doing this page, whether it’s the shape that makes it more fun or just the subject matter. Either way it was still a great entertaining page to create.

The Raven Queen digital collage sheet is now available to purchase on my Etsy store, links can be found in the right hand sidebar.


Now the gloves are off, you can expect quite a few more pages in this new journal!


Memories Fly – Mini Inked & Painted Canvas

IMG_3453This is a project that came to life from my fading memories of my Grandmother who passed away when I was only 12 years old. I can barely remember what she looked like as we don ‘t have many surviving photographs of her. This canvas interprets how memories can sometime fade and fly away.

The main focal image in the canvas is one of the new release stamps from IndigoBlu called “Elsie”. I have also used IndigoBlu paints in the background. To watch the process simply click the video image above.


Circle Journal Cover Decoration


I finally found the time to sit and play with the decorating of my home made circle journal. I’ve created a brand new digital collage sheet set just for the occasion to make things easier!

I’ve not added too much depth and texture to the front as I know that I’ll probably end up resting on it and the last thing I want is for it to be all wobbly while I’m working on the inside!

Layout 1 nadsmlwaThe digital collage sheets can be found on my Etsy store by clicking the button in the sidebar to your right! Available in two sizes for large and small journals.


Dictionary Art Journal – Lepidopterous

IMG_4287I had so nice many comments about my dictionary art journal pages that I do at odd times of the day and night when I’m not usually in a position to film anything. However as so many people have asked I have managed to film this one! It’s only a short film, there’s not a lot to talk about as it’s a simple process but I hope you enjoy the page coming together. This is WK 7 on the Dictionary Art Journalers Facebook group and uses the letter “L”.