Dictionary Art – Beetle

One of the coolest things about Dictionary Art Journaling is that you can do it in little bursts when you have a little spare time. For me, traditional art journaling means sitting down with my stencils, paints, modelling paste and all the other essential ingredients I may need to hand. The dictionary art journal is different, all I need is my NeocolorIIs or Inktense pencils a water brush and a black liner pen and I’m good to go!  

 This creepy crawly page was done in under 15 minutes as I was sat in the waiting room at the vets with my dictionary on me knee. I did get a few strange looks from my fellow waitees! But who cares!

I hope you’re having a creative day!



6 thoughts on “Dictionary Art – Beetle

  1. Maggs says:

    I love the placement of the beetle on the page, the way you worked with the division of the book as a way to divide the front shell from the wings. I’ll have to remember that trick, rather than fighting with the gutter of the book with drawings.

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  2. Pauline Kluske says:

    That is a really great drawing. And done at the Vets with all the woofing and meowing going on…..Well done and it is a cool idea behind it. Did the Dictionary have the other Beatles in it? 🙂

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