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NEW-ME-PICCraft designer, stamper, mixed media and altered artist, crafter, business owner, human being, friend, partner and shoulder to weep on!

I’ve been blogging since 2006, but only started blogging about card making, art journaling, mixed media and associated paper crafts in 2012.

I’ve been designing craft and card making products since 2008 and I’m co-owner of Kraftyhands with my partner Ian. I also design craft products for other companies, some of which you may know…

I have guest presented my own products on Create & Craft TV and also regularly present a show on the British Craft Network Internet TV channel. I teach mixed media, art journaling and card making classes all over the UK.

My main interests lay in art journaling and mixed media and altered art. Most of which I hope to share with you through this blog. This past year I’ve started to suffer with rhumatoid arthritis quite badly in my elbows and knee joints but I’m determined to keep creating through the pain.


25 thoughts on “About Me

    • Mike says:

      Hi Donna, the lists we’ve done on the FB group are all in the photo albums for that month, all the other prompts from my collab Missions are on my blog posts for the mission. Hope that helps.


  1. Chuck Kolb says:

    OMG. I just took the time to read various parts of your blog including about you. It answered so many questions and thoughts. What an artistic journey you have had and are having. So many thanks for sharing your talents, your creativity, your enthusiasm. We haven’t been to the UK for numerous years but if we do, I would have to visit your shop. (Of course, being 72 puts this in some doubt as there are so many areas to travel. Just this year we are finally visiting the USA 50th state for us – Alaska.) If I lived in Leeds, I definitely would be taking classes at the shop. Would you consider a video tour of the shop for YouTube. May your medical condition not dampen too many of your activities. My personal “production” is quite small as I seem to leap from one interest to another. A slight diversion: Did you watch Downton Abbey? We just had the finale here last week. Also we just saw film: The Lady in the Van. What an incredible movie: writing, directing and of course, acting. Maggie Smith is such a gem. The flood gates of chatter must close. Enjoy life.

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  2. CeeSopp says:

    Hi Mike!
    I just found your youtube channel and now your blog and I have to say, I admire your work so much!
    It’s so calming to watch you do your art journal pages and everything. Keep up the good work, you’ve got yourself a new fan ;D

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  3. Elizabeth Campbell says:

    Hi Mike!

    I am new to art journaling, and sharing it with my second graders. With all of the academic pressure here we have to sneak art into the instructional day, which is a bummer because it is such a grade way to process thoughts and feelings, recharge, and find your own style. I was showing art journaling videos to the kids this week, and the boys wanted to know if there are any male art journalers. I am so glad you were on YouTube so the boys could find an art journaling role model they could relate to! You have inspired the kids and their teacher. I love your approach and demeanor. Thanks!

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    • Mike says:

      Wow, thank you so much for your message, it means a lot to me to know that I’m reaching so many different people in so many different ways. Please let me know if your class has a name and the school and I’ll give them a shout out! Many thanks again. Mike


      • Jacqueline says:

        Thanks, that’s great. I will be able to find it. I was researching Papermania as I think you mentioned that in your video, I’m new to your sites and am finding so many ideas and inspiration. Thanks again. J.

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  4. Barbara Every says:

    Hi mike. I have just moved to Newark from London and am newly retired. Your videos have inspired me to start Art journaling . I have the same pain issues as you but find the creative process so rewarding. I hope to attend one of your classes one day, but only once I feel more confident to show my journal. The inner critic is driving me mad at present, but realise that the more I do, the more I will improve and can see the progress all ready. So I am keeping and dating the “rubbish” and it works for me. Thank you once again for your thoughtful videos.

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    • Mike says:

      Hi Barbara, thanks so much for the message. I’m always thrilled when I hear someone has been inspired to start journaling. I get a real buzz from it! Hopefully we will meet, I do workshops in Retford at IndigoBlu which isn’t far from Newark. My next one is in September. You’re welcome to come down just for a chat if you don’t feel comfortable enough to take part just yet!


      • Barbara Every says:

        Thanks Mike for taking the time to replyI am just recovering from an operation, so unable to travel at present. I am hoping to start driving again soon. I have a car but have not tackled country driving since leaving London so intend to take refresher lessons. Retford would be good so perhaps next time. Kind regards Barbara

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  5. hejyork says:

    Nice to find someone else art journaling in Yorkshire! Just wanted to say, having pain totally sucks, but won’t stop you art journaling. I have my own pain issues and have high levels of hand pain and still art journal. You just have to work with your body, not against it, and adapt and use any limitations to enhance your creativity. Sorry if I’ve overstepped. When i was struggling with being creative whilst in pain, I had trouble finding anyone else in that situation.

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    • Mike says:

      It’s nothing painkillers can’t ease for now! I have difficulty sitting for long periods.. So I have to get up and have regular coffee breaks..😀


  6. Barbara M says:

    I just discovered you on YouTube through your #lovesummerart video. I will echo the other comments by saying I thoroughly enjoy your concise, down to earth presentation style. It’s great to hear you describe your thought process as you go along. I’ve quickly become a fan as I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel and am following your blog on Bloglovin’.

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  7. Ardath Cavett says:

    I really have enjoyed have enjoyed watching your different attempts on faux Gelli plates.
    I am thrilled that someone sent you a Gelli plate and watching your conquering spirit and final review of the Rolls Royce Gelli Plate makes me want to save and get get the largest one for multiple sizes.
    I must add this, in all your videos you have taught me so much about design and thought. Your clear vision and understanding of your art medium is priceless. Your instruction through explaination of thought process has helped me and I am sure many other subscribers.
    Thanks for your help and keep it up. I will be watching.


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  8. Leigh Mackie says:

    I just watched your Q &A video on YouTube. I want to tell you how fun it is to watch your videos…like chatting with a friend. You are very down to earth and “real”. You make me laugh. You and your partner both make beautiful art. Sounds like true soulmates to me. 🙂
    RE visits to the US….if you ever want to visit the Seattle area, let me know. Not only would I love to meet you, I would love to show you around. I definitely recommend a summer trip unless you want similar drizzly grey weather as the UK. LOL
    Thank you so much for being brave & putting yourself out there. Your work is fantastic & I get so excited to see a new video from you. Sorry if I come off all fangirlish but I really admire your art.

    Have a wonderful week.
    Leigh Mackie

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  9. Sally E says:

    I’ve just discovered your YouTube channel. I enjoyed watching you work and you should continue doing voice overs. It’s always nice to hear explanations of the process. Plus we Americans can’t get enough of British accents! You mentioned you were almost out of the decoupage glue you used at the beginning of your collage work. Feel free to use any type of matte medium or PVA glue instead. They work just as well and then you control the glossiness of your work. I like to mix gloss and matte for a final all over coat. It gives a finish that’s more of a satin. Love your work!

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    • Mandy says:

      WoW Hi Sally – I am basically a collager – I wouldn’t have thought of mixing matt medium and gloss together- can you use mod podge and matt medium of other persuasion or must it be the same make ?
      They don’t make a satin gel medium. Ive changed recently from mod podge to Liquitex matt mediums and love it.
      Kind regards Mandy


  10. Kathy P says:

    Hi Mike
    So glad I found you on YouTube. Congrats on breaking 1100 followers. A few videos ago you asked what people do when their Dylusions journal gets so full that it has trouble closing. I asked the lovely Dyan that same question a few weeks ago and she said to embrace it! The book is full of your art so that should be celebrated.

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