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The start of a new month is always an exciting time as it’s the start of a new mission over on the Mission Inspiration Facebook group, link [HERE]. This month is double plus exciting as it’s also the month of Halloween; a holiday we in the UK don’t celebrate as much as our American cousins across the pond. This is a shame because it’s a time of dress up, parties and just generally having a little bit of fun.

This month’s prompts have been set by guest controller Linda Simpson and her intro can be seen at the start of my start to finish process video of my page above. You can watch the whole thing from start to finish by clicking the YouTube link below.


If you’d like to pop over and see what Linda has created with the prompts this month you can visit her YouTube channel by clicking [HERE]

If you’d like to purchase my Halloween digi collage download set as used in my video, then simply click the link image below.




2 thoughts on “Art Journal Page – Mission Inspiration – Awesome

  1. lindasimpsoncraftypieceofheaven says:

    Many thanks for asking me to be guest controller for this month. Loving the look of your page and off to watch 🙂
    Linda xxx

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