Art Journal Page – Hope Street


After the recent leave vote in the EU referendum I was feeling a little apprehensive about the future. My future, the countries future and how dull and insular we’re going to become without the influence of our European cousins.

It’s only natural that those emotions would manifest themselves into an art journal page. After all isn’t that what art journals are all about? For me my journals are a place to work out both positive and negative emotions and feelings. They are a private sanctuary. A place of non judgement.

This page began as an exercise in using up an old paper stack I’ve had for 4 years an never touched. Some of the papers had some great woodgrain effects and I thought they’d make excellent house roofs. So the idea of a row of whimsical houses was the general idea.

My use of European maps was the first sign of a deeper motive! You can watch my process from start to finish by clicking the YouTube image below.




2 thoughts on “Art Journal Page – Hope Street

  1. Shamav says:

    Superb page …with its “secret” background. “A private sanctuary” for our emotions & feelings; I love these words.
    A special & pretty street with a touching name. It’s not easy to “write in your language” my feeling today.

    Liked by 1 person

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