Experiments in watercolour painting with Distress Crayons


After I discovered a patch or grass covered with buttercups while out walking Bentley, I realised although I’d painted sunflowers and daisies before, I’d never attempted to paint buttercups.

I’ve also been thinking that I haven’t used my Distress Crayons much and wondered just how easy it would be to use the crayons to create a watercolour painting of the buttercups. This is the result of my experiment. Click the image below to watch my process.


I’ve never had a lesson in watercolour painting so I know my attempt is naive but I enjoyed the process, even if the Distress Crayons aren’t the best medium for the job.



One thought on “Experiments in watercolour painting with Distress Crayons

  1. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    I think you did a great job. I immediately recognized the flowers depicted as being buttercups and I think the whole piece is fresh and summery. I’ve heard very mixed reviews – mostly negative actually – about the distress crayons. You seem to have found them an effective medium though.

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