Mixed Media Canvas – Swap Hop with Linda Simpson

A while ago I received some happy mail from my good friend Linda Simpson and in the mail there were some great items that can be used on a mixed media canvas. This got me to thinking, so I contacted Linda and suggested we did a swap hop. I’ll pick 5 items from her happy mail and create a mixed media canvas and incorporate the items into the canvas. I would then send her 5 items through the post to do the same and then we’ll both show what we’ve created on the same day! Fun yes! So here is my creation.


I’ve also used my Easter Bunny digital collage kit (which is available from my Etsy store) and incorporated it into the canvas! I enjoyed creating it as the colour scheme isn’t something I’d normally do for a mixed media canvas, it’s way more pastel and bright than I would normally do. But still huge amounts of fun to create!

I filmed the whole process from start to finish, sped up of course and if you’d like to watch how it was done, simply click the YouTube link below.


If you’d like to see what Linda has created using the items I’ve sent to her, here’s the link to her Blog & YouTube channel. Linda is very new to the art journaling and mixed media world so would appreciate your visit.



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