White Space Kandinsky Style – The Point of No Return


As part of my ongoing white space aversion therapy, today I  looked at the work of Vassily Kandinsky and found an oil on canvas painting (Circles in a circle) he created in 1923.

Vassily_Kandinsky,_1923_-_Circles_in_a_CircleI haven’t slavishly tried to re-create it, but have taken some of the compositional aspects of the layout and left the white space as is. I’m not sure whether the original painting is supposed to have a white background or whether it’s just the lighting of the canvas at the time of photography that makes it look off white.

Either way my creation is staying a natural paper colour rather than painted white.

Again I’ve used the Tim Holtz Distress Crayons, however, I can see that they are not really made to be used in a watercolour painterly way. They’re not the greatest medium for painting. I should have used watercolours or acrylic paint, but when you’re experimenting, you expect things to not go right all the time.

For me the this page marks my commitment to learning to live with and to embrace white space and now that I’ve started, this is the point of no return until I’m comfortable with the concept of using it in my pages to best effect.



12 thoughts on “White Space Kandinsky Style – The Point of No Return

  1. Thomas T says:

    That’s great that you are taking about “white space”. I wonder if it WHITE or OPEN space you seek? I struggle with both and they are kind of different.
    Love your interpretation btw. Nice. Thank you for leading. T


  2. Mary Gillmarten says:

    Wow Mike. This is a fascinating exercise. Today’s exercise really brings it home for me. I’ve done this sort of thing with writing, but never with art — but then I think I’m still in the finding my own style stage, at least when I see your exercises here. I absolutely love what you’ve done here.

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