Circle Art Journal Page – The Raven Queen


Now that my cover has been decorated it’s time to play inside the new circle art journal. For my first page in my new journal I’m using a brand new digital art journal collage sheet, but this time instead of using the full composite image I’ve decided to use the individual elements and move them around a little. I had huge amounts of fun doing this page, whether it’s the shape that makes it more fun or just the subject matter. Either way it was still a great entertaining page to create.

The Raven Queen digital collage sheet is now available to purchase on my Etsy store, links can be found in the right hand sidebar.


Now the gloves are off, you can expect quite a few more pages in this new journal!



8 thoughts on “Circle Art Journal Page – The Raven Queen

  1. Jackie P Neal says:

    Okay, I haven’t watched the video yet, but I am totally stoked about you new graphics! I absolutely love these-too cool! I’ll be over to purchase this evening! “)
    Thanks for the cool art you share Mike!
    Jackie “)


  2. jaci Blackwell saunders says:

    Hi Mike

    I don’t know if you are aware of this or not but when I get a notice of a new video from you and I click on the Read more of this post link it takes me to your video but your video on your blog page. It does not take me to youtube nor does it give me an icon to go to youtube. So when you say please like etc at the end of the video it is a mute point. The only way I can like a video is to actually go to youtube and do so… and I doubt most people will do this so I think you are probably missing a lot of likes.

    I mention this because if I am doing it incorrectly I would like to know and if not then I thought it best to let you know because I know how important likes are.

    Thank you Mike. I love your videos and watch every one many more than once.

    jaci Blackwell saunders

    Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. Aldous Huxley, “Proper Studies”, 1927

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    • Mike says:

      Hi Jaci, thanks for the message, if you’re receiving update messages from my blog, any links will take you to my blog post. If you get a notice of a new video from YouTube then the link goes directly to YouTube. If you watch my video on my blog, you can click the YouTube logo on the player which will take you to YouTube so you can “give it a thumbs up”. Hope that helps.


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