Mixed Media Wall Art – Square Peg

IMG_3184I’ve recently redecorated a room in the house and taken down some old poster style art that no longer fits in with the new decor. This has left me with a hole to fill. A gap that needs some new art to make it whole again. I looked around for something that would fit, but couldn’t find anything that I liked, so, instead decided to create my own!

I’ve mainly used Dylusions acrylic paints and a variety of household implements and items for mark making. I’m quite pleased with the end result.




9 thoughts on “Mixed Media Wall Art – Square Peg

  1. roglinb says:

    Mike, I love this piece and you inspire me to do a piece for my bedroom. My friend is quilting me a new bed cover and I think that is what I will do as soon as I have the perfect colors picked out. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  2. Jackie P Neal says:

    Mike, This is a totally cool piece of art you have created!!
    I have just recently found you and your art and am now a follower. I dig your style as you are not totally following the mainstream! Keep it up, your art is very inspiring! “)

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  3. Karen Bonham says:

    How cool to b able to use ur own art as the art in ur home!! Ive done that w/my photography & hope to get to the point w/my art. Is Ian as talented as u or is he the cameraman/ business brain?

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