Mixed Media Abstract Canvas #1

I’ve been wanting to try to create a mixed media abstract canvas piece of art for quite some time, which is something I’ve never done before. My exploits in art have been confined to art journals, tags and mixed media canvases to date, but I’ve been yearning to try to create a piece of abstract art, just for arts sake. So as I had time over the Christmas and Holiday break from work I thought I’d have a go.

I’ve restricted myself to only using acrylic paints and a little book text, just because…

I know I’ll never be good enough to paint anything with a face, either human or animal, but I think I’m safe in the abstract world!



14 thoughts on “Mixed Media Abstract Canvas #1

  1. Mandy says:

    Hi Mike
    Watched with interest and great admiration. You seemed to flow with ideas along the way and it turned out just like a surreal landscape of brightness and contrast. Perfect creation.
    The two blues used were such a wonder and im going to find the darker one for my beach and sea artworks. I very rarely use grey but will get mine out of the box and dust them off to try.
    btw- watching you use your dymotag machine made me hungry for one just like it. I found one in the January sales on Amazon for only £12.95 brand new- LOVE IT……so thanks for your sharing.
    Mandy x

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  2. Regina Towers says:

    Awesome job Mike! Loved your choice of colors and vertical lines. Gives me the feeling of a city sky line reflecting in the harbor. I’m inspired! Keep going!

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