Mixed Media Canvas – Paris


This is the mixed media canvas that I created for Linda Bell. Linda was the winner of my 4000 YouTube subscriber giveaway. As part of the giveaway I asked Linda what she would like on her canvas. She told me that Paris has always held a special place for her so we decided to go with a French shabby chic theme. My process video shows the creation of the canvas from start to finish.



4 thoughts on “Mixed Media Canvas – Paris

  1. Mandy says:

    I watched this thinking I wouldn’t like it as you started using what I class as non colours 🙂
    BUT once complete I felt I could touch it and feel the textures of metal and plastic , card and almost feel the colour coming through. It is a hint of a country I adore and lived in for four years during 2007 onwards. There is decadence and culture in its make up and the placement of pieces so strategic almost like a chess board run riot. Pretty and Perfectly Perfected. Mandy x


    • Mike says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, I learned very early on never to make a judgement about a project someone was doing until it was finished as often as not they changed the way it looked half way through..lol, Us artists are a fickle lot! XO


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