News & Etsy Updates

As I try to populate my new Etsy shop with gorgeous things for you to play with in your art journals, I’ll be keeping you up to date through these posts as to new products and downloads. So here’s the first of the new stuff uploaded and available from today.


3 page digital Download

Art-Postcards-1(Set 1) 4 Mixed Media Art Postcards (6″x4″)

Art-Postcards-2(Set 2) 4 Mixed Media Art Postcards (6″x4″)

SET3-18 Mixed Media Art Journal Print Postcards (6″x4″)

Fort more information on any products in my Etsy shop simply click the Etsy button in the right hand side bar.


4 thoughts on “News & Etsy Updates

  1. Sandy P says:

    Q / A – can you share how one would set up a camera for videos?

    I’m techno challenged :). I have a good little Canon point and shoot camera that is capable of recording videos. I also have an IPOD and and IPAD however the tripod I have is not that great. I just want a bare bones overhead setup so I can record working on a journal page or other mixed media project. Video set up for dummies (and cheapskates) is what I need – ie homemade tripod or connection for camera?

    Please and thanks

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  2. Sandy P says:

    HI Mike
    I started watching you back in the spring when you were just starting your channel. I really enjoy your videos and have really learned a lot from them. I love, love, love what you’re doing with the collage sheets you’re creating – I just purchased 3 of them! Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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