Dictionary Art Journal – Halloween


So this is the last Halloween project of the year and I thought I’d film a dictionary art journal page as I haven’t done one in such a long time, so why not kill two ghouls with one stone eh!

For this page I’ve dusted off my Distress Inks which I haven’t used in what seems like an age! I’ve also used my masking fluid too, again another under used resource! The ghost was created using a vellum mask, which I drew out with pencil then cut out with scissors. Such an easy way to create a focal point!

I hope you enjoy this project and have a safe Halloween.

Happy Haunting!



9 thoughts on “Dictionary Art Journal – Halloween

  1. Helen Kenney says:

    Hi Mike, I get a great buzz from your tutorials. You make them so easy to follow and they are so “do able”. I have learned a great deal from watching you, thank you.

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  2. terri says:

    Hi Mike! Just finished watching your video, very nice! I love finding ideas and artsy prompts in a dictionary…now if I can just start putting paint/ink to paper I’d have something to share! Lol! Having a very rainy cool day here in the middle of northern Wisconsin, USA. In a few days or weeks we’ll be having some of that cold, white, wet stuff to deal with till March. I really enjoy your videos, keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing it! Happy All Hallows’ Eve!

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