Mixed Media Halloween Trick or Treat Card


There are times when I’m just the right mood for seasonal festivities, here in the UK we don’t celebrate Halloween as much as the US, but we’re getting there. I wish people would get into the party spirit rather than moan about “another commercial opportunity” It’s not often we get a legitimate reason to dress up in fancy dress and blow out on chocolate and sweets.

I was feeling in a Halloweeny mood, so thought I’d celebrate in my own way! Hope you enjoy the outcome!

Have a spooky, but creative day!



4 thoughts on “Mixed Media Halloween Trick or Treat Card

  1. Barbara Every says:

    Hi mike

    Just seen Shannon do your Happy Mail and then she did me! What a surprise. Then your blog and a mention again. I am famous! Would you believe it I watched both and it was my birthday which made it extra special.

    I am so pleased you have reached 4000 . congratulations.

    I loved my trip to your shop. Sorry I was so excited by meeting you. I felt like a “groupie” and laughed all the way home and then embarrassed by how I must have seemed on first aquantiance but so nice to have a lovely welcome. Love the idea of videoing a workshop. Loved the latest vlog.

    Please give Bentley a special hug for his birthday. Hope to see you all at the workshop in January. Sorry I can’t make the 24th. As I suspected have visitors that weekend.

    Best wishes Barbara

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    • Mike says:

      Barbara, you have nothing to be embarrassed about, it was brilliant meeting you and I had so much fun making the card with you. You made my day. I look forward to seeing you in January. XO


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