Journal52 – Positive Change


Positive Change is a good thing, that’s why it’s positive! I’ve decide to shake up my whole art journey by playing with new mediums and formats and expanding my artistic endeavours to include areas that I never would have before. It’s also a coincidence that’s prompt for WK29 is also called Positive Change!

For this page I have used my new Dylusions paints and a selection of stencils from various companies, plus one special new addition to my collection!

So here’s my art journal page start to finish process video for this challenge.

 I hope you enjoy the process. Have a creative positive day!



2 thoughts on “Journal52 – Positive Change

  1. Mary says:

    Another great spread, Mike! And your use of a label maker for your text made a giant light bulb pop on over my head – I’ve had one of those little machines on my desk to for years and it never occurred to me to use it in my journaling – a great idea! I always learn something new from you, and your videos brighten my day. Thanks so much for all you do and for sharing with us! 🙂


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