Art Journal Page – Starry Night


This is a very personal page for me, a little bit of a selfish indulgence, but if we can’t treat ourselves every so often then what’s the point!

I have always wanted to learn how to paint, I’ve tried and failed on many occasions, but I still keep trying, and trying. The gap between each try has been getting longer and the last gap has been about 6 or 7 years. Recently I’ve taken part in a YouTube event called “LoveSummerArt” the organiser is a lovely, bubbly lady called Cinnamon Cooney. She paints with acrylic paints and she films tutorials on how to do it. I’ve watched all her videos and she has sparked that fire in my belly once again. You can check her out here if you’re so inclined.

In one of her paintings she recreates her version of “Starry Night” by Van Gogh. I’ve always loved this painting, as so many others have, and decided I was going to try and recreate my version, in an art journal page.

For once with my painting, I’m very happy with the results. Very Happy!

My process video is below, but I feel must warn you before you watch. It’s just me, painting and doing a little talking. The art journal page took me nearly 3 hours to complete over two days, I did it in two sessions. I have sped up the film to 4 times it’s normal length, but still…there’s not too much excitement in it for anyone other than myself!

Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

Have a creative day



8 thoughts on “Art Journal Page – Starry Night

  1. yvalovee says:

    Great job, Mike! I think maybe every artist out there has tackled this gorgeous painting at least once in their lifetime and if they haven’t, then they should! I have one of my attempts that I did with watercolor for a mail art piece on my little blog. 🙂

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