Art Journal Page – Sunflowers & Butterflies


This is my second offering for the #lovesummerart event over on YouTube. Since the event began on the 17th July I’ve watched many many art, art journaling, mixed media, craft and a plethora of other handy arty crafty videos that I would never have found if it weren’t for the fantastic ability to find everything under on search criteria of the #lovesummerart hashtag.

It’s been a blast watching and taking part! If you haven’t taken a look yet, simply go to YouTube and put #lovesummerart into the search box and sit back and enjoy over 200 art and craft content creator’s videos under one heading! All with a summer theme! The event ends on the 20th, but you can put the #lovesummerart in at any time for as long as YouTube exists! It’s evergreen!

Here’s my process video for my last art journal page, hope you enjoy! I think I should add, that it wasn’t until after I’d finished filming, that I decided I hated the text, so the later photos show the updated text area!

Have a creative day


4 thoughts on “Art Journal Page – Sunflowers & Butterflies

  1. Ghislaine MAROT says:

    Je suis une débutante française… Pouvez vous me préciser quel “book” vous avez utilisé et quelles mesures ? Que me conseilleriez vous comme “book” pour débuter un art journal ? Merci

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    • Mike says:

      Allo Ghislaine, Je ai utilisé un Strathmore Mixed Media Journal qui mesure 5,5 pouces par 8 pouces . Ceci est un bon journal pour commencer votre journalisation de l’art . Mike X


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