Adventures in Gelli® Printing – Part 3B

The final half of my latest exploration into Gelli® Printing with a real Gelli® Plate from Gelli® Arts. I’ve included some images of the actual prints, they’re not necessarily complete as I’ll probably add to them with more play at a later date, but you can see some of the basic effects I’ve created with very little practice.

I will carry on playing and making more vids using the plate and hopefully I can create something a little more complicated and more arty than just straight pulls with texture…watch this space.

I have attached large files of the prints for you to use if you wish, please feel free to copy the images to your own computers to play with and use as you see fit!

Have a creative day!



6 thoughts on “Adventures in Gelli® Printing – Part 3B

  1. Liz F says:

    Hi Mike-love these playtimes! I’m sure the Art to the 5th ladies work directly into their books. They use the smaller sizes of plates with the smaller journals-very cool backgrounds indeed! You should here me chatting to you-“no, don’t use that one…use the other one. oh, good, you did. Oh, why didn’t you take a print of that before you put more paint on!!! etc etc etc”-slightly barmy me!

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    • Mike says:

      Liz, I always talk to myself like that while making the videos which is why I always end up doing a voice over as the original soundtrack is full of me swearing and telling myself off!! XO


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