Mixed Media Canvas – Explore – Class Sample

01c85f59cb2ed605087cbfe2051ff1d52cdcd4a4c5I’ve been booked to teach a mixed media class in a few weeks and I’ve been asked to send a sample of what the people attending are likely to expect to create. After looking around my craft room to see what I could send, I’ve discovered that all my canvases are far too big, so I’ve created this 5×7 canvas as a display model that I can post off.

01a3324d7c78506a7c2ffc02e82a42c45530bf2b97 010d97c9035be8d08c8e96c3ee89896f28ef24c142 0101e9e783a2899479de2ecd699c83ed7744d0e4db 0195b6f525c0280b39f68121eb9b3edfc16dd3e6dfJust because you know I can’t resist switching on that camera, I’ve recorded my process from start to finish as usual.

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Have a creative day!




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