Adventures in Gelli printing – Part 2

Further to my previous post (click here) on creating a home made Gelli plate and the mess I got myself into.  I’ve been looking around for other things that could work just as well as a Gelli plate.

I’ve tested the glass cutting mat or worktop saver, we know that works, but what about others….are there others out there we just haven’t discovered….yet?

Yes there are, as I’ve just found out! Today I’ve tested out a baking mat made from silicone.


The mat measures 14″ x 10 3/4″ in size. So is ideal for A4 or 8″ x 10″ pages. I bought a yellow one and a blue one.

I set aside my Sunday morning and had a thorough (play) test with the baking mat and my acrylic paints.

As I haven’t bought a real Gelli plate (yet!), I can’t compare how the two work either similarly or differently. All I can say for sure is that I’m pretty happy with the results I got from the silicone mat. Here are a few of the pages I’ve created this morning so you can judge for yourself.

So once again, I’m sharing my creative process on video. My hope is that you find something in it of use.

Alternatively, you can watch the video above of the testing process. To view larger versions of the prints, just give them a click!

I can’t really call them Gelli prints as they weren’t done on a Gelli plate, so for the purpose of this blog post they’re now called Sili prints. It works for me!

IMG_3860a IMG_3861 IMG_3862 IMG_3865 IMG_3868 IMG_3869

What do you think, have you got a Gelli plate? Do these prints muster up to yours. Do I need to buy a Gelli plate or have I found two viable alternatives? let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Have a creative day!



4 thoughts on “Adventures in Gelli printing – Part 2

  1. mrsabott says:

    Another great demo Mike. Just as you’d finished with your sunflower stamp I thought about my own indigo blue butterfly and then out came yours! Fantastic prints, fantastic alternative. Thanks for sharing.


  2. threedecadeslater says:

    My goodness, I love this!! I love being able to try something out on a less-expensive product, and the silicone mat has the benefit of being even better to store! The pencil texture came out really nicely.

    I’ve read that there are various products you can add to your paint (or, of course, you can buy special “high flow” paint, I think it’s called) in order to increase the “open” (wet) time. That would give you more time to stamp and keep the paint wet before you put the paper down to do the printing, and might make the stamp come out a little better. The product that intrigued me most as an additive to increase “open” time was glycerine, from the drug store! Allegedly, a couple drops do the trick. I haven’t gotten around to experimenting yet, but care to test it out for me?

    Thanks for sharing your gelli printing trick!


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