Journal 52 – Collage Crazy

IMG_3717Week 16’s prompt over at Journal 52 is Collage Crazy. I’ve taken that literally! For this page I’ve used a set of collage prints from a new resource book I’ve bought that includes a CD-ROM of hi-res images. I’ve printed each image out using a laser printer then cut each one out by hand…no scanning and cutting for me!

IMG_3718I’ve a had a lot of fun playing with these images on other projects too, but thought I’d could create a fun page for this weeks prompt! So here’s my process video, as always I hope you enjoy it!

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Have a creative day!



3 thoughts on “Journal 52 – Collage Crazy

  1. ros mcp says:

    Hi Mike, confession time, some people binge watch TV shows, I’ve been binge watching your videos
    May I introduce myself? I’m Rosalind, Geordie born but have lived in New Jersey USA for 8 years. I’ve dabbled with paper crafts on and off for years, got quite a stash of products that we won’t mention to my husband lol. I recently had a change in life and as Winter approaches I was looking for a new craft, came across art journaling and there you were. I’m learning so much but I know what I’ll do, I will get engrossed in other peoples work and put myself off trying. So today I went to Michaels craft store, got some gesso and matte medium, cheap acrylic tubes and tonight I’m going to do a page.
    I’m systematically going through your brilliant site (which is why my comment falls on this date) so forgive me if you have, do you have a list or video of all the products you use and why? I know some products come n go, some become favorites and others get lost in a drawer, but what are your main, I really must always have xyz products? I got a bit lost in the store today, the Tim Holtz section was pretty bare and there wasn’t much Ranger stuff. Think it will be an online jobbie if I know what to look for.
    Thank you for your time in making the films I know it will take a lot and I personally appreciate it.

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    • Mike says:

      Hi Rosalind, that’s a real difficult question. I use a variety of different paint brands, none of which are expensive. I use my NeocolorII crayons all the time, I use gel medium, doesn’t matter what brand and Inuse White and black gesso again no particular brand. The rest is whatever I have lying around, stencils, magazines and stamps.. That’s pretty much it.. But well done to you for taking the plunge.. You won’t regret it! XO


  2. forwhomthegearturns says:

    Great tutorial! I was thinking about getting the Steampunk Sourcebook myself, it seems like a great resource. I have also picked up some great discounted digital resources over at, like vintage image paintbrushes for photoshop and cool texture vectors. I am also a huge fan of paper and collage and I have been experimenting in recent years with crafting 3Dish paper elements as centerpieces for my steampunk-meets-art-deco shadow boxes. Here’s a link if you want to check it out 🙂

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