#2/100 Artworks – Tabby-tha

I think I mentioned in my #1/100 post that I’ve discovered that my fine paint brushes are pretty useless, my big ones are great for slopping huge globs of paint onto my art journal pages and swishing the colour around! My smaller ones are dismal, so I needed to shop….and I have…ta dah!


I’ve treat myself to a set of Dina Wakley brushes and they’re wonderful! It’s not the full set, they’d run out of the 4th one so, I can wait! I’m really surprised at the price, so reasonable, I was expecting to pay way more than what I did.

Happy days!

So, I had to play, I dusted of my drawing pencil and my Derwent Inktense pencils and pulled out my planning sketch book and started to have a doodle. I must have been subconsciously thinking about the #100 Artworks challenge as before I knew it, out from my scribbles came a face…


I couldn’t resist but to finish her off…I’m not really fond of cats, I’m a pooch person, but even I was pleased with the way she looked. She looks like one the cast members from a Broadway show!

My #100 challenge aim was to try and create mostly male faces rather than female as there aren’t many examples of whimsical male faces out there. The majority are female…so I wanted to try and push myself into doing male ones, but as with most things, the art takes over and before you know it, Tabby-tha is there staring at me from the page begging to be in colour!

How could I resist!


The finished size is still within the parameters of the challenge at 5″x 7″, and I’ve used Inktense pencils to watercolour her, so I’m safe to say that she qualifies to be #2/100.

No video today as I hadn’t intended to do as much as I did, only to doodle some ideas…but who am I to stop when I’m on a roll!



3 thoughts on “#2/100 Artworks – Tabby-tha

  1. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    That’s great! I love the way you blended the human and feline in the face.

    Thanks to your posting about the project, I’m about to leap in. I need practice with painting acrylic so that’s what I’m going to do and my subject is going to be whimsical animals. I’m hoping to start today actually. So thanks for inspiring me!

    Liked by 1 person

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