Journal 52 – Silhouettes

It’s catch up time with Journal 52. This time I’m tackling Week 4 which is “Silhouettes”.

I found this picture on Pintrest showing the fantastic sky and knew I wanted to try and create my version of it, but was sat scratching my head and behind thinking what I could do with the sky, that was also a silhouette, that wasn’t a straight copy of the image I’d found.


It suddenly dawned on me that I had a box full of stamps from British designer Lavinia (real name Tracy!). Click here to visit her website.

Tracy is an acquaintance of mine and I often forget what beautiful and whimsical designs her stamps are. I’m sure you’re going to see some more of her stamps making an appearance in future pages!

Any way, so here’s the video, hope you enjoy the start to finish!

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Have a creative day!




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