#1/100 Artworks – Naked

IMG_3572Here’s the first of my #100 Artwork attempts. For my first painting, I’ve deliberately kept things simple. I’ve stayed away from hair, hence the naked title! I’ve followed the rules and math of face creation, dividing my face shape up into the correct proportions, then changed and altered them slightly to give my face a more whimsical appearance, but only in subtle ways. I’ve increased the size of his eyes, I’ve also given him pointy pixie, elvish style ears.

I’ve tried to follow conventional rules for shading, keeping my light source to the right of his face. I’ve started easy, for me at least, and not tried to be too over reaching in my ability to create a fully whimsical portrait.

I’ve also limited myself to acrylic paints, mostly Distress Paints, except for the white. As promised I did film the process, but kept it short and speeded up the final version by a factor of 4. keeping it under 11 minutes.

I did learn one important lesson doing this painting…and that’s I need better brushes. A shopping trip is in order!

If you want to know more about the #100 Artwork Challenge, you can find all the details about the challenge HERE.

Here’s my video for No1/100.

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Have a creative day!


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