Journal 52 – Conversation Starters


This page is out of sequence and is actually for Week 3. So why am I just posting this now? Well the answer is simple. I didn’t find Journal 52 until week 6, so I missed the first 5 weeks (actually the first 2 years!). As Journal 52 is never closed to new entries I thought I’d catch up and complete the challenge for the missing four weeks when I had the time.

So here is week 3!

Week 3 is entitled “Conversation Starters” and what better way to get a conversation started than to use article headlines from glossy magazines!

I have a stash that I’ve cut up and saved, some because I liked the phrase, others because I like the font or colours….but for week 3 they’re just perfect! Hope you enjoy!

Weeks 1, 2 and 4&5 will come later…

Click here for the link to week 3 if you haven’t seen it or any if the entries. Click here if you’ve never seen Journal 52 and wonder what the heck I’m talking about!

If you enjoy art journalling or just curious then I urge you to pop over and get involved.

Now that the catch up bit is over with, here’s my complete start to finish video. Hope you enjoy the process!

Remember if  you like the video, please give it a”thumbs up” and “subscribe” to my YouTube channel.

Have a creative day!



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