#100 Artworks Challenge – Accepted!

The Internet is a constant source of amazement for me, it connects people in ways that you just can’t imagine. I have conversations with people who live thousands of miles away, who I normally would never have even known the existence of.

I also get to find out about fabulous challenges and ways in which I can grow as a person and as an artist. One of these was brought to my attention by a lovely lady called Catherine Coté (CeeCee for short) who lives in Canada who has a YouTube channel and blog that I subscribe to. Click here to check her out if you haven’t already.

The challenge is to create 100 works of art no larger than 8″x 8″ All with the same theme and using the same mediums. The challenge may take a year, but it will show growth as an artist as you progress through each piece of art. It’s a great way to learn and master a particular technique or medium.

Check out the #100 Artworks blog post (Here) and have a go yourself! Who knows what you can achieve!

I’m going to try and master my painting skills through this challenge and attempt 100 whimsical faces or portraits. I’m aiming for a size of 5″ x 7″ or 6″ x 6″ not sure which yet. I’ll share each one with you and I will hopefully also capture the process on video too.

So, the game’s afoot! Of I go and dust off my watercolours…watch this space!


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