Journal 52 – Colouring Book – Hero


Wow what a load of fun this weeks “Colouring Book” journal prompt is from Journal 52. It really took me back to my childhood sat on a rainy Sunday afternoon colouring in with my felt tip pens.

So, being all growed up now, it just meant that I got to take out my adult equivalent which are the Faber Castell Big Brush pens…and a downloaded Spiderman (No copyright infringement intended) image from the internet and my A5 Strathmore art journal.

So Chelle’s guidance this week is:

“You can use a page out of a coloring book, print out one from the many free coloring pages online, or you can even try making your own! You can use pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils – whatever medium you are most comfortable with and have on hand!”

So here’s my take on this week’s challenge!

Oh and before I forget. The spelling of colour/color is different in the UK and the USA. We have a “u” the USA doesn’t. Just in case you were wondering about the difference.

If you haven’t visited Journal52 before just click here and join in the fun!


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