Another quiet weekend at home relaxing in the craftroom gave me the opportunity to have a play with my Neocolor II set. I’ve wanted to try water colouring a portrait but I’m still quite timid about trying something new. I still get a little panicy in my stomach when I start something which is so out of my comfort zone and I’ve never attempted before. It’s like a feeling of helplessness.

Anyway, so I opened my Post-It prompt box and picked one out at random. Out came the word “Mosiac” couldn’t have been better!


My first thoughts were of how we all only show small bits of our true selves to people, either at work or with some friends, we only really share the full picture with those who choose to spend their lives with us, if we’re lucky. Also, in this digital age, we’re all just small mosaics, a pixel in size whizzing through the cybersphere in one way or another, chopped into tiny mosaics and reassembled on a computer at the other end of the world.

So…here’s how I did it!


water colour paper held down with masking tape, with a sheet of graphite paper over the top.


A magazine cut out laid over both. Pencil trace over the top lightly as the graphite paper is quite thin. results in a decent image to watercolour with. Ideal if you can’t draw for toffee like me!


Then out came the Neocolour IIs.


IMG_3430The end result, not to shabby for my first attempt at a human face!

Ok then we mosiac, the picture was then cut up into small pieces 2cm(ish) or so wide and reassembled with glue on the page leaving a small gap between.


I then used an old square font stamp set for my quote, I’ve no idea where this stamp set came from, but I can remember it was in a bargain bin somewhere like Michael’s for less than a $1. Probably picked up whilst on vacation in San Diego or Las Vegas. I used black archival ink to stamp.


The finishing touch was just to add a little blue water colour to the left hand page. I’m not afraid of white space, but I think it needed it for balance.


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