My creativity is on a roll this weekend as I managed to finish another page from my A5 Strathmore journal and use another post-it prompt from my prompt box. I pulled out the word “Nature”.

For this page I dipped into my stash of Stampin’ Up! stamps and dusted off the “Gently Falling” stamp set. I painted the pages of my journal with gesso first and collaged my ephemera pieces with matt Modge Podge, then added some earth tone Neocolours to my page and once I’d added the water the gesso allowed the colour to move easily on the page without being soaked up straight away by the page fibres. The Neocolors also covered over the ephemera pieces too which knocked them back into the background.

Using a baby wipe I gently rubbed some of the colour away from the surface of the moth and bird collaged sections.


Then using sepia archival ink, stamped my leaves, sycamore seeds and acorns around my pages. The Gently Falling stamp set is a two step stamp set, so once the archival ink had dried, I added the base colour with two of the Neocolors mixed with water on my craft mat and then applied to my stamp. I’m happy to say the Neocolors stamp pretty well!


I heat set the page to make sure I wouldn’t smudge anything, then using my go-to alphabet stamps added my quote with the sepia archival ink. The full quote should be:

“Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished – Loa Tzu”

It wasn’t until I’d finished the page that I noticed that I’d spelled “doesn’t” wrong when I’d stamped, but I can go back and fix it later! I’ll update the photos once I get chance to fix the mistake.

I decided not  to use the full quote, but just stick with “Nature doesn’t hurry!”


I’ve had a free weekend, a whole two days off in a row without work, so managed to accomplish a lot and certainly had chance to relax and exercise my creative muscle!

Happy Days!


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