I was given an A5 Strathmore Mixed Media journal in September last year as a birthday gift from a good friend. I hadn’t touched it until yesterday when I decided to create a third art journal. Smaller than my A4 Dylusions journal, this smaller one will just have flat”ish” pages as I’m not adding too much dimension or texture.

I’ve also been having a little trouble kick-starting the inspiration for my pages and needed some way of prompting myself to get creative, so I took and old box and a pad of post-it notes and began to write single words on each note, words that include emotions, love, hate, jealousy etc. and also words that could have meaning such as energy, forward, home etc.. I then folded each word up so I couldn’t see what was written and dropped them into the box and gave it a good shake up.


I then pulled one out at random and picked out the word “Spirit”. I then immediately set to work. I grabbed my set of Neocolors which I received as a Christmas gift (as yet untouched) and set to creating.


Using just the blues tones, I scribbled some blocks of colour across the pages for my background and then using a large paint brush added water and blended them all together. Then added touches of yellow Neocolor and then blended them also.


Using a feather stencil and stamp that I bought with a magazine (a free cover mount) I stencilled the feathers onto the background using dark blue ink, then stamped the detailed feathers over the top with black archival ink as I wanted to add some more colour layers over the top and didn’t want the feathers to smudge or bleed.


I then took my Tim Holtz “Rays” stencil and added colour using yellow ink from the centre of the pages so that the rays emanate from the middle outward.


I then added some Studio 490 gold embossing paste through a TCW stencil and heat set.


Using an old alphabet stamp set and the black archival ink added my quote.

As a finishing touch, I splattered gold and white acrylic paint across the pages with a small paint brush. Once dry I touched up the quote with a black medium nib black Faber Castell Pitt pen.




I really enjoyed creating this page and have a feeling that I may be finding my style…and I like it!


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